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This is my first passive income revenue update. I am very happy of my return on investment, my profits have never been that high. This is an excellent month. Let’s take a closer look at all these revenue streams.

Top 1 : Envestio surprising return

In Late November, I followed the advice of Jørgen Wolf of financially free and invested 800 € in Envestio. Envestio is a crowdfunding platform that focus on loan to companies. I have invested in two projects, financing the operation of a fruit-wholesaler (20,55% interest) and financing a park of wind turbine (16 % interest).

I really like Envestio because it offers investment in loans with high interest rate and a buy-back guarantee. Which means, if a borrower defaults, I will get my investment and interests after a recovery period. This is a good insurance.

Let’s say you register with this referral offer and invest 500 € in a 9 months project with 17 % interest. When you make a deposit, you get 5 € the morning after PLUS +0.5% interest on your investment.

Month Without referral link With referral link
0 month 500 € 505 €
1 month 507 € 512 €
2 month 514 € 519 €
.. ..
9 month 567 € 573 €

In December, I have already made 18 € in interest. If you register with this offer, you can expect +1.2% € more on your return on investment. Not bad !

Top 2 : Fast Invest, solid return

I was attracted by Fast Invest because it was one of the few peer-to-peer lending platform that offered investment in loans with 15% interest. I decided to go “all in” and invest 1000 €. Now, I have invested in loans with 15% interest, some of 13.5% interest and a few of 10 % interest.

I am very happy to see that this was a good decision, in december I have already received 10.84 € in interest. Fast Invest works really fine.

Fast Invest has very few short-term loans but I think it offers the best loans for long-term investors. They do not have a referral program but their return on investment are already very good.
You can register and start investing on their website

Top 3 : Mintos, good return

Mintos was the first peer-to-peer lending platform I used. It is good, simple to use and has been there for a long time. This is the most known crowdlending platform. It has many loans so your money will not be standing idle, it will be invested quick.

I have deposited 990 € since I started investing in June 2018. My strategy on Mintos was to invest in very short-term loans and re-invest all the interests.

The strategy is paying off because this december I made 8.75 € in interest . Mintos is a really good platform, many loans have more than 13 % interest.

Let’s say you send 500 € to your account. Then you decide to invest in a medium term loan of 3 month with 12% interest. If you register with this link, in 30 days you will get +1% on the money you send on your mintos account, then in 60 and 90 days, you will get 1% on the money you invested.

Days Without referral link With referral link
14 days 500 € 500 €
30 days referral reward   +5 €
44 days 502 € 502 €
60 days referral reward   +5 €
74 days 512 € 512 €
90 days referral reward   +5 €
Total 512 € 527 €

By registering with this link, you can expect +3% more on your return on investment. This is really good!

Top 4 : Twino, can do better

Now the very last, Twino. This was the second peer-to-peer lending platform I have invested in. Unlike my Mintos investment, I started with a 750 € invesment in July. Then the cash drag happened. My loans were staying idle for a too long period.

I decided to withdraw 250 € in Early November from the platform and keep an eye on the money that was left there… Which turned out to be a good decision

In mid November, I realize that loans were finding borrowers more quickly and the internal rate of return was increasing. This December, I made 3.93 € in profit.


This Month I have made 41.72 € in interest. I did not imagine making that much when starting p2p lending. I cannot wait to see how much money I will make in January 2019. Stay tuned !!